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Национальная ассоциация медицинских организаций Центр ЭКО Меркурий
г. Тюмень, ул. Военная, 11/1
Телефон: +7(3452) 60-00-07, 8-929-269-00-07
Факс: +7(3452) 43-63-69
E-mail: mcrm436369@mail.ru
Время работы: пн.-пт. 9.00-16.30, суббота 9.00-14.00

Клиника лечит бесплодие, проводит ЭКО по ОМС для жителей Тюмени, Челябинска, Екатеринбурга, Омска, Перми, Волгограда, Нижнего Новгорода, Новосибирска, Красноярска, Казани.

ЭКО для жителей Ханты-Мансийска, Нижневартовска, Нягани, Пыть-Яха, Сургута, Нефтеюганска, Югорска, Салехарда, Муравленко, Когалыма.

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«Меркурий» поздравляет детей, родителей, бабушек и дедушек с православным праздником Семьи, Любви и Верности.

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Infertility, infertility treatment in the center of Mercury

Infertility - is one of the most important problems in nowadays world. According to expert research data solely in Tyumen region about 18% of fertile population are diagnosed with infertility. It considerably exceeds 15% level of infertility defined by World Health Organization as critical. 

Treatment of infertility - is the fastest and most effective method for having a child born.  And, what is also important, all kids are desired. Parents that have dreamed of a baby will do everything to make their child happy. 

International Center for IVF "Mercury" - the first in the Ural-Siberian region, which began to be used for infertility treatment. V our IVF center operations were performed in vitro fertilization with the advice of specialists of the Institute of Reproductive Genetics, Chicago (USA), which is a world leader in the field infertility treatment and pre-implantation diagnosis of inherited diseases. As a result, our IVF center is recognized as one of the most successful in Russia.

IVF in the "Mercury"Infertility, infertility treatment

  • Guarantees high quality medical care at the center of IVF, in accordance with European and international standards.
  • Center for IVF "Mercury" is a "top 100 medical institutions of Russia.
  • In 2008 in Oxford (UK) Tumen IVF clinic has been awarded an international award, established by the European Business Assembly - "European quality" and recommended to the European patients for treatment of infertility is IVF in our center.
  • International Center for IVF "Mercury" is recognized as "best company in Europe in the field of medicine." High quality health care services rated Nomination Committee of the European Business Assembly (EUROPE BUSINESS ASSEMBLY).
  • Our center ECO "Mercury" has a well-deserved reputation among customers in the region, the proof is to obtain the right to be called "the best medical institutions of Russia in 2009.
  • Proven technology. Our first-born for 16 years. With the help of specialists of our center of IVF were born 568 children.
  • The most modern equipment of the center of IVF "Mercury" necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility methods of assisted reproductive technologies, as well as medical care in the treatment of male and female genital diseases
  • Literacy and professional experts of the center of IVF.  Doctors and Embryology IVF center were trained in the Research Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. DO Ott RAMS, are certified and possess the most modern methods of treatment of infertility.
  • Close co-operation of our center with all IVF laboratories and leading specialists of the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. DO Ott Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Reproductive Genetics Institute in Chicago (USA)
  • An atmosphere of warmth and understanding of the psychology of patients.
Our center uses IVF infertility treatment in advanced medical technology, modern equipment, the experience of Russian and foreign colleagues, the professionalism of its staff. Therefore, even despite the establishment of new centers, turning it into an international center of IVF "Mercury".

Бесплодие и ЭКОAre you infertile? Visit IVF centre!

Are you not able to get pregnant? In Mercury IVF centre we are certain that infertile men or women simply do not exist, absolutely everyone can become a parent. We are helping women to attain motherhood, when they are unable to get pregnant naturally. Even 20 years ago these women would have remained childless. IVF program has solved the problem of infertility.
Pregnancy in our IVF centre occurs in 45% cases.

Women besplodieMy treat female infertility We cure female infertility

  • Tubal peritoneal infertility (uterine tubes patency disorder) – treatment of infertility with this factor is successful with the help of IVF.
  • Only methods of artificial insemination can provide follicle maturation and ovulation occurred  because of some endocrine disorders in woman body – endocrine infertility.
  • Only IVF program can help elderly women to get pregnant. In the age of 35-40 follicular capacity is likely to be exhausted. One should not waste time for medical assessments, psychics and alternative medicine specialists. If you miss the chance then it is possible to achieve long-awaited pregnancy and have infertility treated with IVF by means of donor egg cell.
  • Infertility because of endometriosis? Only IVF program is able to help women having various forms of this widely-spread female infertility. 

Men besplodieEsli male infertilityMale infertility treatment

Artificial insemination allows patients to become parents even in case of low-quality sperm.  Do not be desperate if you have asthenospermia, theratozoospermia, IVF program will help you. Methods of IVF and ICSI will make your family happy.

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Полипы эндометрия подлежат удалению!


Полипы эндометрия подлежат удалению! На выходных встретила пациентку с животиком! Самостоятельная беременность наступила после 2 лет стараний! Она и травы пила, и таблетки принимала, и даже по бабкам бегала ( от сглаза лечилась)!!! А ларчик просто открывался! Когда она пришла на прием, согласная на ЭКО, провели обследование. Оказалось, у пациентки полипы! Именно они мешали наступлению беременности. ЭКО не понадобилось! Зачем, если у нее совсем нет показаний для этой программы. Убрали полипы на гистероскопии.

Счастливое послание пришло по почте


Счастливое послание пришло по почте «Дорогая Елена Васильевна! 23 ноября я подарила мужу СЫНА, получилось прямо в его день рождения! Представляете! Левушка появился день в день! Я конечно загадывала чтобы так вышло, хотела сильно. Так и получилось. Это правда самый самый лучший подарок.
Левушка пока не сильно большой. Вес всего 2700 при родах, думаю не криминально же, догонит еще ребятишек. Мы уже дома, все хорошо у нас. Молоко пришло, буду кормить сама без химии и смесей.
Елена Васильевна как же я рада что вы стали моим врачом, как же вовремя вы встретились нам. И полипы эти увидели и убрали все вовремя. Неизвестно сколько бы мы времени и денег убили на лечение.
Дай вам Бог здоровья и счастья!

С Днем матери!


С Днем матери! Сколько вложено в слово МАМА! Любовь, терпение, мудрость.

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В Меркурии меня приняли, всё рассказали, успокоили
Пришла с проблемой по беремености, нужно было проверить трубу на проходимость, прочитала в интернете разные отзывы и пришла в ужас и напрасно, в Меркурии меня приняли, всё рассказали, успокоили и сделали процедуру Эгсг.

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г. Тюмень, ул. Военная, 11/1
Телефон: +7(3452) 60-00-07, 43-62-87
Факс: +7(3452) 43-63-69
E-mail: mcrm436369@mail.ru
Время работы: пн.-пт. 9.00-16.30, суббота 9.00-14.00
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